Orion Township Residence

There were existing wood retaining walls, staircase and deck that were rotted and failing. I created a design that was much more functional, beautiful and long lasting with the Fendt-Hewnstone retaining walls with Holland brick staircases and patio. Yanke’s Design obtained the proper permits for construction. Completed all demolition and cleanup. Built engineered walls, staircase and patios. We finished off the site with plant installation, grading, sod, and final cleanup. Start to finish we handle all aspects of the total job.

West Bloomfield Residence

The home owner had a grindstone wall installed at the time the house was built. Over the course of about 8 years the grindstone wall was falling and falling apart. The wall was retaining the souse footings. It was in bad shape. My engineer Jeff Anagnostou and my self came up with engineered prints and a plan to remove the existing wall and build a new wall. The height of the wall is 28’ and 220’ long. This back yard backs up to the Franklin Cider Mill Valley. We had the existing footings reinforced to protect the house  We removed about 250 ton of failed wall. We excavated about 1500 yards of soil to prepare for new walls.

WE install a drainage system to properly take water away from the house. We build the walls from Fendt- Keystone Straight face Standard large block. We install a 1800 sq. ft. patio. We install the plants and finished off beds. Reconstructed area form front to back yard to complete.

Franklin, MI Residence

This was a very unique site. The owner has a back hillside that leads down to the Franklin River Valley.

She wanted to create a very large area for kids to come and sing and have fun. We created an outdoor amp theater, fire pit area, gazebo patios and staircases connecting them together. This was a very difficult site because of the very steep slope. The site had to be completed in stages and built from the bottom up with material shoots build to get the material 180’ down the slope. The site looks very incredible and blends in with the heavy wooded area.

Indian River Residence

This lakefront property with a 32′ high hillside from the beech up to the back yard.
The lake was inaccessible from there back yard.
The customer wanted to be able to walk or drive a golf cart from the house to the beach.
We carved out the hillside, build very large retaining walls and build a 11’x 210′ long path from the side yard down to the beach.
From the concept drawings, engineering and final design this site was a great accomplishment for me and my company.
We designed this to be not only functional but very pleasing to the eye.