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Vision and Values


Be a premier construction and project management company by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building strong relationships with people, and supporting our employees.


Quality: We aim to please all of our customers, bringing them the highest level of aesthetic and structural performance we can provide.

People: We aspire to be an equal opportune employer that pushes its employees to better themselves through education, hard work, and responsibility.

Relationships: We build positive, long-term relationships with customers, prime contractors, subcontractors, employees, and suppliers.

Efficiency: We utilize our 35-plus years in business to efficiently deliver quality products to our customers through project management, strict organizational time  skills and resource allocation.

Yanke Construction in the Community 

Two of the most cherished values that Yanke Construction has adopted are People and Relationships. We believe that goes hand-in-hand with serving the community. That is why Yanke Construction is committed to becoming a charitable company and will continue to search for charities to help serve the communities of southeast Michigan. 

Reroot Pontiac

Reroot Pontiac is a charity with values similar to Yanke Construction, which is why we donated over 800 square feet of a very unique antique brick for their community project in Pontiac, Michigan. 

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Keystone Award Winner for projects completed in 2015, 2016

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Reroot Pontiac Charitable Donor