Custom Exterior Design

Yanke Construction, Inc. originated as a custom design company, offering high quality custom designs to clients, made specifically for them and their preferences. After a quick image change, Yanke Construction, Inc. offers the same custom design, still designed by Darren Yanke. Rest assured his designing skills are constantly being updated and innovated. In 2015 and 2016, two of his design-builds won Keystone Awards.

Mullet Lake House

Over 5,000 square feet of Keystone standard block were used create a custom decent to the lake. The backyard originally had a hillside virtually non-usable with a 40 foot height difference from house to lake front. Designer Darren Yanke was able to design this one of a kind ramp for the homeowner to be able to use their lake front.

Lake Orion House

Yanke Construction, Inc. is a keystone award winner project. This custom design both retains the hill, while providing a solution for both boat access, lake access, and beach utility.

Wolverine Lake

Darren Yanke moved in 40 yards of sand to create this private beach on wolverine lake.

Northville House

This design is the most recent of Darren Yanke’s. This failed wall reconstruction combines structural construction engineering and a unique solutions to the drastic elevation change and short distance. This project also shows the importance in the contractors method of construction. This wall failed far before its expiration date.