Retaining Walls

Yanke Construction, Inc. is a premier wall building company with thousands of walls performing for our commercial and residential customers all across the Metro Detroit area. Our quality assurance policies ensure a wall that can withstand the test of time.


Yanke Construction, Inc. is an industry leader in structural retaining wall construction, earning the confidence of Michigan’s largest construction companies to build their retaining walls.


Our trained team has all of the necessary skills to install new products, such as this Rivercrest block made by Unilock. This project was specifically designed to use this beautiful block for large scale application.


Redi-Rock retaining walls have proven their reliability and endurance in the most demanding structural circumstances.

Segmental Retaining Wall

Yanke Construction, Inc. provides customers with the most aesthetically pleasing, structurally song construction for large scale retaining walls. Our walls are called upon everyday to support parking lots, buildings and roadways.

Reinforced Soil Foundations

Yanke Construction, Inc. constructed one of the first ever reinforced soil foundations in Michigan at the American Center for Mobility. We are looking forward to bringing efficient construction to Michigan bridges.

Boulder Walls

Boulder retaining walls are a great way to keep a nature vibe in your surrounding landscape. Lucky for you, we know how to build them.

Live Block Walls

Yanke Construction, inc. is continuously proving customers with new and innovative construction methods to suite each site with its own structural needs.

Limestone Walls

Yanke Construction, Inc. has perfected it’s craft of wall building in it’s 35+ years in business. Limestone walls are effortlessly constructed and perfectly placed to properly retain your properties, all while upholding environmental responsibilities.